About Wendy

Wendy loves empowering others using her fun, energetic, kind, and authentic nature. She is passionate about helping individuals transform their lives, so they are living with more power, joy, freedom, and self-expression. She brings zest to coaching by challenging her clients in a spirited and genuine way. Her forward-thinking coaching enables her clients to step outside of what they already know, and think is possible; and have them lean into their higher selves, where they know themselves as unstoppable high performers.

Certified High Performance Coach™
Certified Insights Discovery Practitioner
Post Graduate Certificate in Retail Management
Covey Leadership Certification
Harvard Training – Strategic Thinking, Execution, Customer Service, Goal Setting, Career Management

Wendy has over 25 years of experience as a senior leader specializing in people and leadership development. She has successfully mentored, and coached several clients for promotion, in living their full potential, and achieving both their personal and business goals. 
As a Corporate training consultant, Wendy has successfully launched new training and development programs for large organizations focused on career development, team productivity and performance success. Serving her clients, customers, and team with inspiration, creativity, energy, and connection defines who she is and how she shows up each day.

As a CERTIFIED HIGH PERFORMANCE COACH ™, Wendy focuses on helping her clients perform at a high level and to discover a fullness and joy in their everyday lives.
She inspires and instructs her clients to improve their lives, achieve their goals faster, and reach high performance in every area of their lives.
With over 3000 hours experience, Wendy has coached clients from around the globe; from those who are established and may be at a crossroad in their careers, to CEOs of Multi-Million dollar corporations, professional athletes, and everything in between.

As a INSIGHTS®ļø¸DISCOVERY PRACTIONER, Wendy has helped Business Leaders and Teams improve their communication skills, work more effectively and increase productivity. Wendy believes that knowing yourself is the gateway to becoming a more effective leader and team player.


  • Creator and Host of the Living Life with Wendy Podcast
  • Keynote and Motivational Speaker
  • Master Training Facilitator
  •  Voiceover Artist
     Wendy lives in High River, Alberta with her Husband of over 30 years and their dogs Blue and Ozzy.
    She is proud to be the mother of 3 adult children, a sister and daughter.
    She is an avid golfer, curler, and road cyclist.

    Wendy is proud to be part of the Jumpstart Charity where she has participated in 6 Jumpstart Pedal for Kids Rides, a 5 Day, 500km cycling tour that raises funds to help Canadian kids get off the sidelines and into sport.

Wendy's Story

The Opportunity of a Lifetime!

It all started in 2016 when I made the BIG decision to move myself, my husband and 2 doggos across the country to Alberta, leaving our 3 adult children, our family, friends, our entire life really, all back in Ontario.  Well you only live once right, so why not!  I had a great opportunity at a corporate position that I truly believed was my dream job....Anyone else ever been there, done that!  

"It started off well, but it sure didn't last!"

I ended up lost, depressed, struggling at work and in my personal life.  For the first time in my life, I was burdened with regret and it was affecting how I showed up in life, at work, and it was damaging my personal relationships.

Not only that, but I lost my confidence.  I didn't feel like myself, I was a stranger in my own psyche, and it was just not a place I wanted to stay.

That face to your right said it all...empty eyes...there was something missing.

My Pivotal Moment

I searched for a long time for a way to find some joy...afterall, I made the decision to move and there was no going back at this point.

I read dozens of self help, motivational, and leadership books, looking for the answer.  I suddenly realized that although I was making some small gains with mindset, I wasn't getting the traction I really needed to feel the joy and fulfillment I once had.

"At the end of the day, I needed to feel like I was making a difference, what I was doing really mattered."

 That's when I decided to hire a coach, a Certified High Performance Coach to be exact.  This is when I started to see the real change happen.  What I discovered, was what was missing all along.... And that was serving others.  Helping them find their joy, their full potential, their purpose! 

Everyone Has a Story to Tell

So what's your story?  We all have one to tell and we all have a gift to give.  My coaching, training, keynotes and leadership programs provide my clients with different levels of guidance and  motivation skills to ensure THEY have the pivotal change that they are looking for.  I provide my clients with specific, tangible, and aligned actions to get their desired results. 

"Many people can tell you what to do, but few have done it themselves.  That's where I come in..." 

When you can master your inner dialogue, be your own cheerleader...when you know that your making progress and change happen...that's when you show up, deliver, and make a difference!  High performers feel like they are fully engaged at what they're doing. They have a lot of joy and bring a lot of joy to what they're doing. They have confidence. And all that really comes from giving their absolute best.


Your next level is waiting for you!

You are absolutely ready for the next level of success!  You have people who are really counting on you, but more importantly, it's time you start counting on yourself!  Let me guide you through connecting your purpose with how you think, with how you approach your day, with how you interact with other people, with how you show up.

"Having a purposeful and generous soul that allows you to give with full power because you're aligned with what is true for you, that you're living your highest and best self, that you are on purpose for who you are, and where you want to go."

It doesn't matter how old you are, where you come from, or where you're at right now...what matters is that you get what you want out of life!WE ALWAYS END UP RIGHT WHERE WE'RE MEANT TO BE, RIGHT WHEN WE'RE MEANT TO BE THERE. 

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