Wendy is an INSIGHTS® DISCOVERY Licensed Practitioner and has extensive experience facilitating workshops based on the Insights Discovery System for a wide range of organizations, both big and small in the public and private sectors. Insights is a worldwide learning solutions provider for companies committed to providing their employees with the tools, systems and training for increased personal, team and organizational effectiveness. Insights uses a variety of world class methods including assessment tools, workshops, coaching, consulting, learning guides, and job aids to ensure meaningful and lasting change.



Along with the workshops shared below, we can also customize any Insights Training Workshops for your organizational needs.

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It's well known that the most important part of every organization is its people that work within that organization.  Strong leadership is pivotal in managing your organization’s challenges within our continuously changing present day business climate. 
In order to manage those challenges, a growing number of organizational leaders are discovering that professional, individual, and team training is a wise investment. Effective training has become a proven tool in business development because it delivers results by increasing effectiveness through empowering individuals and teams.

Why Choose Insights Discovery?

Insights Discovery is an easy to use, fun and effective internationally recognised psychometric tool to help you engage with yourself and others, opening up communication and working better, together.

Based on the work of psychologist Carl Jung, the Insights Discovery system helps an individual recognise that each person is unique with different styles of working, needs and expectations. Insights Discovery uses a simple four colour model to help individuals remember their personal preferences and more easily identify the feelings of others.

Organisations acknowledge and put value on psychometric (or behavioural) profiling tools. These tools assist individuals to gain insight into their strengths, areas for development and potential blind spots. The use of such tools has made organisations stronger and in turn aides business growth.

Wendy offers SIX preset workshops that are ready to go, or workshops can be customised to suit your organizations’ needs. Further details of these workshops can be found below.

Are you ready to discover if your preference is Fiery Red, Sunshine Yellow, Earth Green or Cool Blue?


Insights Discovery is a group workshop to inspire personal development, help individuals better understand themselves and others, and improve how they interact with others.




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Discovering Leadership Effectiveness is our introductory leadership program which looks at how people prefer to lead. We'll work with your leaders to explore their personal leadership style, and the unique value that they bring.



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Discovering Team Effectiveness is a training workshop to raise each person’s self-awareness, and awareness of others to enable them to further increase their effectiveness at work through better teamwork, communication, influence, problem solving, and mutual understanding. The workshop will be fast paced, fun, and requires a high degree of participation.  

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Transformational Leadership is our advanced leadership program designed to improve leadership capability across a wide range of levels, from front-line supervisors to senior executives. This training offers practical solutions to help leaders really understand their leadership strengths, and how they can leverage those to improve the performance of the entire organization.

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Drawing on the depth of the Insights Discovery Personal Profile, we help sales people understand how they can use their unique style to influence their customers, peers and managers, exceed their potential and form part of a truly exceptional sales team.

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This is part of our Virtual Delivery content which aims to help you build a personal Resilience Strategy, understand what resilience is and what resilience means for you by looking at this content through the lens of Colour.


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