Finding your Clarity Words

Apr 02, 2021

Hey Friends!

One of the activities that I take my potential clients through during our discovery sessions is to close their eyes and think of 3 words that would describe their ideal selves. 3 words to describe the best of who they are or could be.

I do this on a quarterly basis for myself, since we are every evolving in our lives journey.

So  close your eyes and think of those three words that you are proud of, those words that you would be proud to have others describe you as because they reflect the truest and best you!

Once you come up with your words, set an alarm on your phone at 10 am, put this alarm on repeat for the next 30 days (all of April) and in the label area type in your 3 words.

Why the alarm?...Well keeping an intention for who you are each day brings greater clarity and strength in your life! So let’s keep our words on our minds each and every day!

My words are:




What are your words?

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