What is Insights Discovering Leadership Effectiveness?

Discovering Leadership Effectiveness is our introductory leadership program which looks at how people prefer to lead. We'll work with your leaders to explore their personal leadership style, and the unique value that they bring.

Help leaders become more effective at managing themselves, their team and the organization. Imagine a leadership development program that can transform your business. Develop leaders who perform at the highest levels and help others excel. Help leaders adapt their approach to motivate and inspire different individuals and personalities across multi-disciplines and departments. This is how you build a solid succession plan capable of developing leaders from within.


  • Promote discovery of new ways to inspire and engage the hearts and minds of the people they lead

  • Promote encouragement of your people to express themselves authentically and with positive impact

  • Create a deeper understanding of the unique needs of self and others

  • Increase awareness of the impact and influence of leadership behaviours

  • Explore personal passions and how to behave in alignment with core values and purpose

  • Develop commitment to actions through the development of a concrete plan and continued improvement

Insights Discovering Leadership Effectiveness Workshop Overview

The workshop utilizes an analysis of each participant's Insights® Discovery Personal Profile, which is generated from the results of a 25-question quick online questionnaire completed in advance of the workshop.

The workshop draws on each participant’s Personal Profile to examine:

·       Their own unique values, preferences, and challenges as a leader
·       Core purpose and values, and brings those into alignment with leadership behaviours
·       Personal preferences and different dimensions of leadership
·       Create and commit to a plan of action for continued learning and development

The emphasis throughout will be on learning tools which can be applied immediately. This workshop can fit into your Leadership Development Plan as either the next step after the Insights® Discovery workshop, or as a first step for your leaders.

Additional workshops are available to support learning and development across a range of areas.

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