What is Insights into Resilience?


Resilience is a popular topic in today's organisations as more is required from employees in the volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world of today with its fast pace of change.  It is also a very large topic and there are literally thousands of items on resilience on the internet.

This session is designed to give a useful overview of resilience with sufficient depth that participants can reflect on their own experience against the resilience checklist and leave the session with some useful practical tips about strengthening their own resilience levels.  

This 4 hour session is designed to be of value yet recognising that there is more depth to the topic.  With this in mind there are after session activities for our attendees, to help identify what aspects of resilience they might benefit from delving deeper into.


  • To increase knowledge of personal resilience and its key contributing factors.

  •  To understand differences impacting personal resilience within the context of colour energy preferences

  • To identify your personal resilience resources and drains and begin to build a personal resilience strategy

The session objectives are kept simple and practical to reflect what can be done in a four hour session. The topic of resilience is a very large one and has thousands of items on Google and much research has been done on resilience.

Our goal is to help you give participants a session of value with a practical focus and of appropriate depth for the time available. The goal is for them to leave with more self awareness about their own resilience and some practical actions they feel committed to undertake to strengthen their resilience.

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