Let's Talk Why Simplicity is Key to Making Profit and Paying Yourself with Cassie Saquing

Season #3

After running a private daycare out of her home for two years, Cassie started a large daycare/preschool in 2005 and grew it to a scaled, multi-million dollar (per year) business. In late 2018 she started doing business management coaching and consulting for small to medium sized businesses and online entrepreneurs.

Cassie developed her money management system (The Profit Stack System) which is designed for female business owners who want to increase their cash flow without financial overwhelm, complicated tech, or a massive time investment. Before integrating her Profit Stack System, Cassie and her business partner struggled to pay themselves a consistent salary before 2015, already 10 years into running the business!

After, they began to track revenue consistently, transfer money out into “buckets” on a weekly basis, and manage irregular expenses, everything dramatically changed. They were able to write themselves 4 figure quarterly bonus checks and refurbish an old playground with cash borrowed from themselves. They automated many more financial protocols and that lifted a lot of stress for them. Business decisions became easy after that.


Release the stress and fear from 7 figure money management & get excited about paying yourself additional quarterly 4 figure bonuses by signing up to the free Cash Flow Freedom webinar. https://keap.page/ezu048/cash-flow-freedom-registration-page.html

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