Discovery Sales Effectiveness

Discovery Sales Effectiveness is an easy and productive way to assess the strengths and weaknesses of your sales team so that you can develop a plan of action to accelerate their productivity.


The 24 module customisable Sales Effectiveness solution is an extensive program of development for sales professionals which is designed to explore a sales person's skills, behaviours, and attitudes at every stage of the sale.



Insights Discovering Sales Effectiveness Workshop Overview


This workshop provides sales professionals with a unique insight into themselves and their customers and how this impacts on their sales success.  They also show how the learning can be applied throughout the entire sales process, helping sales people to exceed customer expectations and their sales targets.

Our sales effectiveness solution provides sales professionals with a rich and inspirational learning experience to help them:

  • Understand their preferred style, approach and capabilities at every step of the sale and focus on areas for improvement.
  • Connect with potential customers by recognising their preferences
  • Create individual action plans which accelerate the achievement of sales goals.
  • Increase contribution to their organisation by exceeding sales targets.
  • Feel driven and energised to fulfil their sales potential.

Additional workshops are available to support learning and development across a range of areas.

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