Living Life with Wendy

Living Life with Wendy

Hosted by: Wendy Easton Bouwman

Welcome to Living Life with Wendy, the podcast that's all about personal development, mindset, leadership, and business growth - but like, in a totally relatable and casual way. Each episode, I chat with experts in...


Are your subconscious beliefs limiting you?

Season #1 Episode #7

Welcome our guest today Judy Kane! Judy helps people identify and release subconscious beliefs that keep them repeating unhealthy, stressful patterns. Her clients experience shifts which allow them to achieve their...
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Creating Your Vision is more than pretty pictures

Season #1 Episode #6

Have you tried using a vision board or whiteboard to help you focus on your goals? They can be helpful tools for visualizing what you want to achieve, but if you're not acting towards achieving those goals, they might...
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Let's talk about Effective Leadership

Season #1 Episode #5

Leadership is critical to the success of what we accomplish in our lives, whether it’s being a leader for our family, our work team, or ourselves. With that being said, I thought this would be a nice subject for this...
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Living Life With Wendy Ep 3

Season #1 Episode #3

Today I welcome Lindsay Stead from Guilded Blooms Communications, where we discuss saying, "Bye Felicia!" to Comparisonitis. Listen to Lindsay and me as we share insights around making change happen, feeling the fear...
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Living Life with Wendy - Ep2

Season #1 Episode #2

Change - Even when you least expect it!!! Here are five questions that I suggest you rate yourself on a scale of 1-10 on to see where you’re at. Question 1:How often do you try new things? - when is the last time you...
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Living Life with Wendy EP 1

Season #1 Episode #1

Get to know me and what Living Life with Wendy is all about. If you're a woman in business, a professional, or into personal development, then this is for you! Want to get to know your host - Wendy Easton Bouwman You...
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